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How did the caterpillar develop into a butterfly? Ask your scholars to place a series of 4 images within the correct order and they’ll inform you. It’s only one of the 20 actions in Sequencing, lower and Paste actions lots of that are open ended, that invite your kindergarten and primary grade scholars to chop and paste a chain of easy, fascinating illustrations.

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Prepared into sections, and comprising a a growing number of demanding array of puzzles and difficulties, it is going to provide all facets of your intelligence a rigorous work out. in addition to providing verbal, numerical and spatial demanding situations, the e-book will try your powers of good judgment, lateral pondering, and correct vs.

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Ship theory. Odessa: Fenix. UK Offshore Operators Association/Chamber of Shipping. 2002. Safe Management and Operation o f Offshore Support Vessel. London. plot diagrams, which are static and referred to MWTO coordinate system. REFERENCES Bray, D. J. 1999. Dynamic Positioning Operator Training. The official guide to The Nautical Institute training standards. 2nd edition. London: The Nautical Institute. Fossen, T. I. 2002. Marine Control Systems. Trondheim: Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

All the simulation trials have been conducted by skilled captains and pilots having experience in this kind of ships and manoeuvres. The simulation data have been recorded and analyzed. Analysis of simulation results was made in basis of following criterions: 1 ship manoeuvring lanes widths (horizontal safe manoeuvring area dimension), 2 under keel clearance (Monte Carlo method), 3 energy induced in contact point with berth structures, 4 velocities of propeller bottom stream, 5 engine and rudder settings, 6 probabilities of collision with given points, 7 time of manoeuvre, 8 emergency manoeuvres.

Marine riser full deck cargo [3] More difficult is carriage of only few round items on deck. Traditional way of securing included wooden wedges nailed to the deck and lashings made of wire ropes and bulldog clips. Another way of securing were pipe stanchions. Today, some modem PSV are fitted with Automatic Sea Fastening Arrangement (ASFA) as picture below: # Figure 7. PSV with Automatic Sea Fastening Arrangement [3], Introduction of automatic system improved both crew safety and time efficiency of cargo handling operations.

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