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By Matthew Balent

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Positive factors over 70 diversified particular and unusual guns from world wide.

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It also substantially increased the number of submarines available for the Atlantic campaign against shipping, inasmuch as Italian submarines began operating from Biscay ports, effectively doubling the total Axis force at sea. This situation allowed Dönitz to introduce his wolf-pack tactic on a large scale into the Atlantic shipping campaign, just as the British faced an alarming shortage of oceanic convoy escorts because of the neutralization of the French Fleet and their decision to retain destroyers in home waters to guard against a German invasion.

Unfortunately, British experts were under the impression that German technicians who had tested this system in a small number of experimental platforms were much closer to solving all of its problems than was really the case. The Royal Navy built two special experimental boats, the Explorer and the Excalibur, as platforms to bring the Walther system to production status; in the meantime, they built new conventional submarines that, while very reliable and generally quite effective, did not represent much of an advance on the conversions of wartime boats or the German elektroboote.

Moreover, these diminished accomplishments came about despite the fact that almost twice as many submarines were operational as in 1917. Between 1915 and 1917, the German Navy operated a small number of submarines in the Black Sea. The first boats arrived in May 1915 as part of Germany’s support for Turkey during the Dardanelles campaign. Most of the boats deployed were small UB- or UC-type coastal submarines; their successes were very limited, although their operations did cause the Russians to deploy their own hunting squadrons of destroyers.

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