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Further, even if the virus was slow-acting, a vaccine could only be developed if the virus is stable. If it is unstable (constantly mutating), development of a vaccine is impossible. S. today is its total vulnerability to unknown BW viral agents. Absolutely nothing we have or are doing in our Department of Defense is of any consequence or protection against new BW viruses for which no vaccine is developed or possible. S. , to devastate an unsuspecting, unprotected American populace. In fact, even a single deranged madman can readily develop lethal BW viral agents sufficient to devastate even a great military power.

And at just exactly the right time, the answer to a Communist's biological warfare dream was available: The World Health Organi- 15 The Vaccine Connection ©Hal Crawford 1979 Figure 3. The Soviets have delivered an intended knock-out. zation was already involved in its 13-year campaign of massive smallpox inoculation in the Third World, to eradicate smallpox. All that was needed was to contaminate the WHO vaccine by one or more of the lethal new recombinant retroviruses that had been developed — and were continually being developed — in cancer research laboratories filled with Communists agents.

Lysenko. Lysenko's crackpot theories on genetics, for example, held that genes did not even exist. After the death of Stalin, Lysenko's work was discredited, and the Soviets set forth immediately to "catch up" with the West in genetic implications such as recombinant DNA techniques. Thus in the early 1960's the Soviets began sending Russian 19 The Vaccine Connection scientists to the West to catch up with Western genetics research. One of these scientists was David Goldfarb, who later became a leading Soviet expert in the field of molecular genetics.

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