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Humphrey is a law unto himself, he said, and I would only get hurt if I tried to challenge the man over an issue like this. He’s a well-known established scholar and I’m just a beginner. He tried to impress upon me the fact that if I’m going to succeed in my chosen profession, I’ve got to learn to play the politics of the situation. ” “He’s probably right,” Ryder surprised her by saying readily. She blinked at him owlishly, not having expected quite that reaction. “Any situation in which there’s a lot of competition for the top rung of a ladder is going to create a climate of that sort.

Do you realize what you’re condoning? ” She didn’t know why she pushed him that far. She certainly never intended to do so. Perhaps it was because she was so unnerved and upset with herself this morning. Brenna only knew she hadn’t meant to enrage the man she had actually been contemplating marrying! But she had done exactly that. She saw the red flush sweep into his face, saw the hardening line of his mouth, and the next instant his palm connected with the side of her cheek in an instinctive reaction to the insult in her words and eyes.

With a gasp Brenna got to her feet, still clutching the red sandal. The voice outside her door wasn’t Ryder’s. It belonged to Damon Fielding! The next knock jolted her into action. As she started down the stairs she shook her head in annoyance. She had to get a grip on herself. It should have been harder to open the door to Damon Fielding than it would have been to open it to Ryder. Damon, after all, occupied a much more important role in her life and there was a great deal unsettled between them.

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