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Karl Patterson, someday baseball card broker with out seen technique of help, does not get alongside all that good along with his father, even if he lives within the visitor apartment of his dad's property at the Palos Verdes Peninsula close to la lease unfastened. So he's stunned whilst Richard Patterson, who's founder and CEO of a winning software program corporation known as Dionysus, asks for his aid to figure out no matter if the quantity 2 guy of Dionysus, Ned Mackay, has a playing challenge. probably for the reason that Karl may well or is probably not a compulsive gambler, himself, counting on whom you ask.

Richard assigns his govt assistant, the unique and bold Arrow, to paintings with Karl. She appears to be like to have a few blood from each ethnic workforce you could identify, and the simplest of every. She is helping Karl hook up with Ned, and Karl wangles a call for participation to fly with him to San Francisco, which brings up the query of what Ned's courting is to James Buchanan, a complicated one that likes puzzles, runs what seems to be an unlawful playing on line casino, and is CEO of a San Francisco conglomerate that owns a bit of virtually every little thing worthy owning.

Before Karl could make any growth, Ned is located useless in San Francisco with cocaine in his motor vehicle. Karl is puzzled by means of the San Francisco police, and now unearths himself attempting to ensure what occurred to Ned, and what impression it will have on his father and Dionysus. questions on James stay, simply because he turns out to need to realize keep an eye on of Dionysus, and should aid Karl purchase a dear baseball card.

Events maintain Karl concerned lengthy after his father desires him out. prior to he is via, he will be a widespread flyer among L.A. and San Francisco, with sidetrips to Scotland and England. he'll need to tips on how to paintings with Arrow, get in addition to Jacie, Richard's younger spouse, try and increase his dating along with his father, and--if he desires to survive--watch his back.

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At least, I was sure he was in love with her. Then he disappeared toward the garage. Off to work. What should I do first? My inclination was to sell Dionysus stock short. A minute's reflection told me I couldn't do that. I would be betraying my father. Besides, it would be illegal. Insider trading was an SEC no-no. If I wasn't an insider by my relationship to the CEO, I certainly was because of the information he had confided in me. Okay, get a grip, Karl. You need a plan. First, I had to call Emerge, the nonprofit organization I volunteered at on Tuesday afternoons and tell them I couldn't make it today.

She was the other reason I hated to cancel. " She had no trace of an accent, remarkable because her parents spoke very little English. "Hi, it's Karl," I said. " Esther was Director of Development for Emerge—which means she was in charge of raising the money to keep it running. A responsible job for someone so young, but she was good at it. "We're getting a decent response on the mail solicitation, but we need to do better. I'm counting on you for a big finish Saturday at our fundraiser. " It was going to be a gala event.

By moving the Mercedes I was able to free the Toyota and back it out of the garage. I activated the electronic gate across the driveway with my remote and drove through the fence. As I started along the street, mindful of the residential 25 mile-per-hour speed limit, I glanced at my watch and realized I was going to be late for my appointment. *** Years of living in Palos Verdes had taught me the shortcuts through the maze of curvy hillside streets, so I quickly got to Crenshaw Boulevard where I could make better time and coasted down to Pacific Coast Highway, on the flatland.

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