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By Barbara Metzger

ISBN-10: 0451199618

ISBN-13: 9780451199614

Aurora's fiance used to be rushing, well-bred--and already married! thankfully, the scoundrel's brother-in-law was resolute to avoid wasting Aurora from disgrace--even if he needed to marry her himself...

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Uncle Ptolemy was shaking the earl's hand, and Lord Phelan was making certain Podell was still securely tied. At the earl's suggestion, they all agreed to send the makebait back to his first wife in Jamaica, after getting a signed confession from him. No one wanted a public trial, least of all Aurora or the earl's sister. With Podell out of the country, Lord Windham convinced them, other women were protected, and the scandal would more quickly fade from memory. The earl did make sure the blackguard understood his ultimatum: if Podell ever returned to England, he would face criminal charges, a military tribunal, and Windham's Mantons.

I was too busy deciphering your signature to notice. I didn't hear a word the vicar said either. It's Aurora, my lord. " "Aurora. Dawn. " He reached beneath his seat for the hamper and pulled out a bottle of wine. He poured some into the two glasses he also found wrapped in a towel, and offered one to her for a toast. " "And golden days ahead," she added, clinking her glass against his. " Oh, my. Chapter Three � ^ « The Black Dog was well groomed. Smaller and less noisy than a regular posting inn, it catered to a more select clientele.

His tongue felt like cool silk, like the champagne bubbles, like nothing she had ever felt before. His kisses were making odd parts of her grow warm and tingling. No, his hand was on her breast. That was why she tingled. Then he followed his hand with his lips. Good grief, Aunt Thisbe never intended her embroidery for that! Aurora gasped again. He stopped. " Kenyon just growled in response and kept savoring her salamanderher breasts. His other hand was tugging at her gown, raising the hem over her calves, her knees, her thighs, her Holy herpetologist !

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