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By Amelia Grey

ISBN-10: 0425207218

ISBN-13: 9780425207215

ISBN-10: 0786560134

ISBN-13: 9780786560134

A second of temptation sends a infamous rogue and a darling of the ton unwillingly to the altar. yet simply as their marriage is changing into a real romance, a mysterious presence increases mischief of their domestic.

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The problem was that he’d been captivated by her before he ever opened his mouth to say a word. Obviously that had been part of her plan. And it had worked. Otherwise she would have screamed for help when he touched her or at least slapped his face. Yet, all she had done was melt into his arms as if she had been waiting a lifetime for him to come and awaken her to the wonderful, sensual pleasures of kissing. She could claim all she wanted that she was really looking for a ghost or merely curious about the contents of his room, but he was convinced what she really wanted was to be the wife of an earl.

A TASTE OF TEMPTATION 35 “I know it sounds preposterous, but most ghosts seem to visit people in bedchambers,” she managed to say in an even tone, but knew she must have sounded like a deranged idiot. ” He picked up the soap. ” A flush blazed up her neck. She felt her cheeks flame red for the second time. He was intentionally mocking her. She wouldn’t let his behavior affect her. ” She straightened her shoulders and huffed, and then got even more perturbed when she saw the faint trace of a smile curve the corners of his lips.

Maybe I am the one who is batty! Agatha’s brow lifted. ” “Yes, I read about it in a book,” Olivia said, stretching the truth a little further than she probably needed to, considering the confused expression on her aunt’s face. “Which book? ” Olivia took a deep calming breath and then said, “It’s just better for me to do this than you. I’m the one who will go upstairs and search all the rooms. ” Her aunt smiled sweetly at her. ” Olivia nodded and gave her an affectionate smile. “Of course. Now, you’ve been standing too long.

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