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A Masked Deception

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He said, drawing one of her hands through his arm, but keeping a firm grip on it with his other hand. "Come, this is no place to talk. " He drew her along a narrower walk, not so well lit. They walked until he spotted one of the little rustic shelters that were dotted throughout the gardens. They were furnished with simply designed tables and benches for the convenience of guests who wished to eat tete-a-tete. Brampton ascertained that it was not occupied and drew his companion inside. He did not take with him the lantern that was hanging from a convenient tree branch outside.

Brampton was preoccupied with his guilt and his anticipation of seeing his angel again. Margaret was excited and sick with anxiety. "I shall be leaving presently, my dear," Brampton announced across the table to his wife. " Margaret smiled placidly. "That is all right, Richard," she said. " he said, eyebrows raised. " "Yes, two," she replied calmly. "Lady Emberly is having a card party and the Prices a musical soiree. " "I hope that Charlotte is not becoming bored with the Season already," he said, smiling teasingly at her.

Charles could not remember having met Miss Margaret Wells, but her name made her sound as if she fell into the second category of bride. He was quite unprepared for this fragile little creature who stepped into the room with quiet self-assurance. She was not pretty in any obvious sense of the word, but Charles immediately categorized her as beautiful. Her beauty lay perhaps in the quiet way she bore herself, not using any of the lures he was used to seeing in other women; yet her whole being seemed to shine from her quiet gray eyes, so large and so full of pride in and love of Dick.

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