A Fine Passion (Bastion Club, Book 4) by Stephanie Laurens PDF

By Stephanie Laurens

ISBN-10: 0061743623

ISBN-13: 9780061743627

Unique ebook: 2005

The males of the Bastion membership are strong, dependable, and never averse to overcoming threat in the event that they needs to. Now, after years of dependable provider to the Crown, they every one -- one after the other -- needs to face that maximum probability of all ...love.

The final of his line, Jack, Baron Warnefleet, has fled London after approximately being compromised into marrying a dreadful woman. Turning his again at the whole concept of marriage, he rides domestic to the property he has now not noticeable for years, made up our minds to set in movement an alternate process action.

But then within the lane ahead of his gate, Jack rescues a startlingly appealing girl from a menacing, unmanageable horse. notwithstanding, whereas he starts by means of taking command, the woman maintains through taking it again. girl Clarice Altwood isn't any meek and delicate omit. She is the very antithesis of thewoolly-headed younger girls Jack has rejected as now not for him. Clarice is delectably beautiful, past eligible, undeniably able, and entirely unforgettable. Why in the world is she rusticating within the country?

That enigma is compounded through secret, and it's fast transparent thatClarice is at risk. Jack needs to use each ounce of his crafty and wit to guard this hugely autonomous and richly passionate lady ... who has so speedy stolen his middle.

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He cursed himself for wanting her. He cursed her for making him want her. He kissed her the way he wanted, hot and devouring. For one shattering instant she lay quiet—then her lips parted beneath the greedy demand of his. His body was shaking when he broke away. But Gray did not leave her. Instead he stripped— And slid into bed beside her. Claire woke the next morning, her limbs heavy, her mind clouded. Little by little the previous day came back. The accident with the carriage. Penelope’s fear—the baby, and then such joy at her reunion with Theo.

My dearest Penelope, I hope this letter will find you, Theo, and little Merry in the best of health. The weather here is bright with sunlight, but soon all the leaves will come down. Already it begins to grow ever so cold . . Penelope smiled, then read on: I have news you may find rather startling . . but you needn’t worry so about me, dearest Penelope. Penelope’s eyes went huge. No, she breathed. Oh, it cannot be. The letter finished: The ceremony will take place at two o’clock on Friday, here at Wildewood.

Alive, as he hadn’t for weeks. “Ah, Claire,” he said with a shake of his head. “After the intimacies we have shared, we can surely be honest with each other. ” He was enjoying baiting her. Her chin came up. “Very well, then,” she snapped. ” “I wouldn’t know—” His eruption of laughter cut her off. “I beg to differ. Must I recount—” She turned her head. Gray was but a hairbreadth away. “No,” she said, her voice low and choked. “There is no need. ” Satisfaction glittered in his eyes. Claire started to step past him.

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