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Whoever has charge of the skipping rope has to sing whilst the other person has to be ready to jump in when their part is sung. Postman Postman do your duty Here comes (at this point he/she calls out the name of the other skipper who has to jump in) Katie, the English beauty. She can wiggle, she can waddle, she can do the splits. She wears her dresses (at this point the singer can choose between one of the following: around, below) her hips. ✦ When her hips or whatever other part of her body the singer chooses is sung the second skipper must pretend that she is putting on a dress and still keep skipping at the same time.

Only when the Worker has managed to tag ‘Your Royalty’ can they change roles. ✦ To make it even more fun you could play the game with four people always making sure they follow their master. Some actions for Your Royalty to try: 52 ✧ Hop on one leg then change to the other ✧ Clap their hands in the air then down at the ground ✧ Spin around after jumping over the rope ✧ Run out of the rope, go behind one of the turners and come in at the opposite direction ✧ Shout out I’m King/Queen. Playground Games Rope games 46.

Simply divide the class into groups and supply each one with a rope. Give them three minutes to make up a fun figure using the rope and then see who can guess what each others shape is supposed to be. 54 Playground Games Rope games 51. Walk tall ✦ The ideal rope game, which can be played indoors or outdoors. Place the rope in a straight line on the ground. ✦ The aim of each player is to try to walk the straight line, holding out their arms to balance as they walk. It may sound easy but requires a lot of concentration and if they should lose balance at any point then they are out of the game, whoever reaches the end without falling is the winner.

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