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Everywhere you turn, vipers and liars. I hoped my disapproval was palpable. But Prentice was peering through the window, suddenly boyish again. ’ I said nothing and stared at his crooked profile. He seemed terribly young, full of unthinking energy and menace. I wondered how much he knew. I would have to be doubly alert now. Ah well, let that be my epitaph: En garde. And where in Christ’s name is Matthew? 35 Case of knives_FINAL 21/6/05 8:17 PM Page 36 4 MATTHEW January 1 ~ It’s midday, New Year’s Day.

Julia and Candy would be my family for sixteen years. 45 Case of knives_FINAL 21/6/05 8:17 PM Page 46 It never occurred to me that I was in the way — the slightly stunned ward in the spare room. Julia is no celibate, and Candy already had her serial idolaters at fourteen. ‘Please don’t become de trop, darling,’ Babs had warned me one Friday as she tore off at high speed. But I was never made to feel so. I had no idea why Julia — brilliant, cynical, vaulting ahead at Concord — bothered with me, but she did.

Babs’ Basket was born — precursor of three other alliterative bistros in nearby streets, and of this year’s (no, last year’s) multimedia phenomenon, Babs’ Feast. I realised quite early that Babs was different from other mothers. She didn’t hide her aversion to domesticity. She made it clear I was not to look to her for entertainment or first aid or help with my woeful spelling. Somehow I knew I would have to read myself to sleep at night. It never occurred to me that Babs was unfeeling. She fed me until I groaned, she got me to school most days, she made no attempt to estrange me from Roger or the Lights.

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