A Breaking of Seals. The French Resistance in Slovakia by B. Chnoupek, R. Pynsent, K. Brusak PDF

By B. Chnoupek, R. Pynsent, K. Brusak

ISBN-10: 0080348696

ISBN-13: 9780080348698

A Breaking of Seals is the tale of a quest - the search to find the most remarkable and least remembered occasions of the second one international warfare. This was once the participation within the Slovak rebellion of 1944 of the French infantrymen who escaped from prisoner-of-war camps in Germany, Hungary and Slovakia. less than the management of Captain Georges de Lannurien, they shaped a Detachement francais de fighters de los angeles Tschecoslovaquie which fought beside the Slovak military in the course of the rebellion and which later stood facet through part with Slovak partisans as a part of the Stefanik Brigade.

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He had claimed that the Frenchmen in Kantor only represented an advance party. The rest were on their way, or soon would be. There'd soon be enough of them to form an independent unit, and he insisted that one be set up. At that Velichko had lost his temper. 'Who does he think he is—Napoleon? Well, at least he's on our side. All right, let him have his own way! ' Then pock-mark added, 'But that's enough for today; time you got some sleep. ' And the next morning Hruska, a hard-bitten old soldier, gave them the works.

His dark face was covered in sweat and scratches he sustained by scrambling through the undergrowth and along gullies. He was always ready for action. I'm from Orava—mountain country—and if I say it myself I'm damned good uphill. But even I had trouble keeping up with that de Lannurien. Despite the difficulty of the terrain—rocks, river, tunnels, peaks, none of which he knew at all—he held on to them like a leech. To this very day, I've never stopped thinking that if only we hadn't left that right bank undefended, we'd never have needed to retreat.

One of the thugs snapped at her. O f course they did', said another. 'Shut that old bag's mouth! Tell her to stop making such a row! ' They pushed her away and beat Vlado's father with their rifle butts. ' As they were marching down the village Vlado held his father's hand, frightened by what had just happened—and what was going to happen. He'd seen his mother hit, his little sister in tears. Desperately afraid, he clasped his father's hand tightly. Now there was quite a crowd of them being herded down the village with bayonets at their backs.

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A Breaking of Seals. The French Resistance in Slovakia by B. Chnoupek, R. Pynsent, K. Brusak

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