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By Austin Osman Spare

ISBN-10: 1872189571

ISBN-13: 9781872189574

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Connor would not call you a friend, nor would I, if you were half the failure you think you are. The problem is that nothing I say will change how you feel about yourself. ” He sat back in his chair, but his spine had straightened, his eyes were clear once more. ” Marty leaned forward to let Malcolm see his face when he spoke. “We now believe the attacks on Ariana and later on Connor are related to one of the ongoing matters in which the Senator is involved. ” He saw the questions that immediately sprang to Malcolm’s cop mind.

She was as imposing a woman as Malcolm was a man. She was tall, solidly built, and wore her hair in a cascade of dread locks. No one dared give Eve any trouble or sass, as she was fond of reminding people, and she embraced the world with a compassionate, but unstintingly no-nonsense attitude. Connor felt a kinship with Eve, and was somehow relieved to be swept into a gentle but firm bear hug that allowed her to cave in just a little bit to the emotional onslaught of the past couple of days. Eve felt Connor’s body tremble, intuitively understood what was happening, and took charge.

Connor snapped off the bathroom light and did the same with the wall switch in the bedroom. In the foyer, she picked up her overnight bag, then sat it down again and went back into the living room. She retrieved the Rome photograph and tucked it under her arm. On the way to the elevator, she threw it down a • trash chute without looking at it even once more. Later Thursday “Val? Hi. ” “Connor, honey, where are you? I’ve been worried sick. You haven’t called, you weren’t at the house. ” Connor knew the concern in her friend’s voice was sincere.

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