New PDF release: 1000 best poker strategies and secrets

By Susie Isaacs

ISBN-10: 1402206682

ISBN-13: 9781402206689

ISBN-10: 1402220200

ISBN-13: 9781402220203

Secrets and techniques and methods from a back-to-back international sequence of Poker women championship winner.

summary: secrets and techniques and methods from a back-to-back international sequence of Poker girls championship winner

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Buy-In: The entry fee for a poker tournament or the amount of chips one purchases for the purpose of playing poker. Cardroom: The area in a casino where poker is played; also known as the poker room. Call: The amount of money or chips put into the pot that equals your opponent’s bet or raise. Calling Station: A player who calls all the time with or without a good hand or the potential of making a good hand. Change Gears: To go from playing tight to loose or playing aggressively to passively or vice versa.

Pass: To check or to fold. 16 1000 BEST POKER STRATEGIES AND SECRETS Play Back: Raising or reraising in response to your opponent’s bet or raise. Example: You have a bully at your table who always raises when you have the big blind. You pick up a marginal hand and reraise him. You have played back at him. Play Fast: Aggressively playing one’s hand. Pocket: Another term for your downcards. Example: If you have A-K down, you have big slick in the pocket. Pocket Pair: A pair in the hole. Example: If you have two 10s down, you have a pocket pair of 10s.

One ace is not a powerhouse. It’s okay to play any ace suited in late position, but your goal is a nut flush, not an ace! If your small kicker flops, that’s okay; but if an ace comes…be careful! You could have kicker problems. 38. To further drive home this point, let’s say you are playing at a full table and have an ace-little. You are in late position and all ten players enter the pot. One of the other nine players will have an ace 75 percent of the time. To reiterate, be careful with that little kicker.

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